Will sold out items ever come back?

We rarely ever do restocks, but if we do it will be for VIP members only. You can request to follow the VIP account here

What does vaulted mean?

Vaulting is the equivalent of selling out but for preorders. Items that are vaulted, will likely not be sold in the store again.
If you see an item you like in the store, it is recommended to not wait for more than a week as some less popular items can get vaulted at the end of each wave.

How can I know the quality of these items is actually good?

You can scroll further down to see the feedback from everyone who left a review :) However, there are many scam websites stealing our reviews. So, we recommend to never completely rely on reviews you see on websites. Instead, we recommend to check out our highlight bubbles on instagram where you can stories from customers we have been tagged in which we or any other website cannot fake. You can also type in our brand name in Tiktok to see video reviews.

Stay Safe