The Drop

The new Sacred Treasure T-shirt and 3 more designs will drop June 9th at 3 P.M. EST. The special Infinity T-Shirt valued at $70 will not be sold during the drop. You can only get it when you place one of the first 50 orders. If you manage to place the order quickly enough during the drop, the special T-shirt will be added to your order for free. In addition, the first 5 orders during the drop will be fully refunded. You can join our discord community to learn more about the details about this special & participate in community events.



Will the new items available for a special early bird price?

Yes, the early bird pricing (up to $40 off) for the new items will be available for as long as the items meet a daily min quantity threshold that allows them to stay at this price. Popular items stay at the price for longer but less popular items may go back to their normal price after a few days.

However, only the first 50 people will get the free Infinity T-Shirt.

What does early bird price mean?

Early bird pricing means that when our new items first drop, you have the chance to buy them for the lowest price they will ever be. We know it sucks when you purchase an item for regular price and then a week later you see it on sale. So we want to reward those who come to our drops & support new collections early.

What does vaulted mean?

At the end of each wave some items that did not sell enough units during a wave will get vaulted meaning they will no longer be sold. Vaulted items are not planned to make a return. It usually means they are gone for good.

The only time vaulted items get sold again is one last time during VIP drops. The remaining overstock from the time the items were sold will be sold as stock to VIPs. If you would like to get access to these drops, you can request to follow our VIP account. At the moment we can only accept members who made a purchase before or frequently support us by sharing our posts and commenting on social media. This way we can ensure enough VIPs have a fair chance to get the remaining units during these drops.


Items dropping June 9th

2 more designs will be revealed this week

Follow to see the reveal of the last 2 designs. We promise you don't want to miss what's coming!


Early Bird Deals

Some popular items are still available at their early bird price until they no longer meet the daily quantity threshold. If you like an early bird price item, it is recommended to not wait until new items launch as it is evaluated at the end of each day if an item can stay at its early bird price (up to $40 less) or not. The price changes automatically if the quantity threshold is not met & it will not go back down afterwards.

Good Luck!

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