JJK Drop Part IV

All designs are carefully crafted to subtly represent your favorite JJK characters. The 3 new designs are now available for their early bird price (up to $35 cheaper) until they reach 300 units. The first 5 orders will be fully refunded.

Good luck!


JJK Collection Part IV

Preorder Wave 5
(February 25th - March 10th 2024)

Get a piece that resembles your favorite JJK characters in a way that can give you comfort & spark positive memories of one of your favorite animes.

Yuta Jacket

Big announcement!

Because of the incredible support from you during the last drops, we were able to expand our production capacity and partner with 2 more factories. We got so many requests to keep these items in the store and this way we will be able to keep more of them in the store for you longer! New designs will remain in the store for as long as they reach their quantity limit. Designs that don't reach the limit will be vaulted at the end of each wave (every two weeks).

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