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Denim Infinity Jacket Preorder

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NOTE: To improve the overall look of the back embroidery, the fish will be slightly moved so that the white fish is completely on the black background like in drawings we have shown before.
What is special about this design?

This whole collection features some of the highest quality items we have made. The jacket is made from a mix of highest quality 100% cotton & denim fabrics. The jacket also has very soft lining which ensures comfort when you wear it and keeps you warm during colder days. Our goal is to make subtle cosplay and casual anime inspired outfits in the same quality as regular clothing from luxury brands. This jacket is no exception. It is made to last so that you can comfortably wear as your every day jacket it in public or as a subtle cosplay at conventions. All details on the jackets are fully embroidered. It features and enlarged and more detailed version of our Beta fish embroidery on the back featuring beautiful gradients. The sleeves additionally feature two embroidery patterns inspired by G's infinity spanning from top to bottom. Since the jacket is not made from regular cosplay fabric, it is perfect to casually wear & to stand out in a positive way.

Enhance your wardrobe with this item and wear a piece that can give you comfort and will spark positive memories of watching one of your favorite shows. You can preorder this new design for its early bird price (up to $35 less) until it no longer meets the early bird quantity threshold of 50 units sold per day. Items that fall under the threshold and change their price back to the regular price (the price no longer appears to be crossed out) are likely to get vaulted during the next wave.

We hope you enjoy your new Jacket! 

Size Chart

To find your jacket size, refer to the Cardigan size chart.

- Some jackets fit more oversized when they have puffed sleeves (Example: Overtime Varsity Jacket)

- Some Jackets fit tighter (Example: White Tokyo High Jacket) -> Size up if in doubt or feel free to reach out to our support team


Pants sizes wave 10 and earlier

Pants sizes drop 11 and later


For the measurements of the oversized T-Shirt below, multiply the chest size by 2. All T-Shirt are oversized for a super comfortable and luxurious fit. So the size is not of great importance but your can decide how oversized you want it. Size S is still going to be oversized for a small person but size S may fit more like a regular Tee for someone in size XL. 

Sizes on models
Stitch Spring Size Chart
Denim Infinity Jacket Preorder
Gojo Jacket
Gojo Jacket
Denim Infinity Jacket Preorder
Denim Infinity Jacket Preorder
FREE SHIPPING on orders of 3 items or more to most countries!
QUALITY GUARANTEE - Get exactly what you see in our videos!
Early Bird Pricing for a limited time for all new items!


  • Premium Materials

    Made to last from Buttery Soft 100% Cotton Yarns

  • Hustle Free Delivery

    Receive items in any country as if you bought them from the shop down the street

  • Quality Guarantee

    Each item is throughly checked to make sure it is perfect for you

  • Subtle & Elegant

    Stand out without standing out

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