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Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder

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What is special about this design?

This whole collection features some of the most detailed embroidery & knit designs we have ever made. The fabric is made from jacquard knit and the highest quality 100% cotton yarns. Jacquard is a very high end manufacturing technique that retains color very well over time. The reactive print design of the flame arrow spans across the whole chest and adds a powerful touch to the T-Shirt. Reactive print is one of the highest end printing methods as it fuses the colors into the fabric rather than just applying them to the surface. This creates vibrant colors that almost look like they were hand-painted by an artist. The design has the same shape as our chain T-Shirt you guys loved. The sleeves also features an artsy embroidery. It is supposed to make you comfortable while standing out in a positive way.

You can also refer to it as a T-Sweater because it is made from the same premium yarns as our sweaters, but it has a finer gauge. This way it becomes lighter like a T-Shirt, but it will be super soft like a knitted sweater. It is a truly unique feel on your skin and we warn you that it might be difficult to go back to regular T-shirts after feeling this kind of softness on your skin.

Enhance your wardrobe with this item and wear a piece that give you comfort and makes you feel powerful like your favorite villains. You can preorder this new design until it gets vaulted.

We hope you enjoy your new Jacquard T-Shirt! 

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Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder
Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder
Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder
Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder
Flame Arrow Knit T-Shirt Preorder
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